Why Choose Adair Yachts As Your Yacht Broker?

We Provide A Strong Knowledge Base

With 40 years in the business and a very strong knowledge base, you would think that it would be enough to go with Adair Yachts, but the real kicker is the passion with which Adair Yachts addresses the marketplace. We believe in making the boating experience a positive one. Knowing boats can break, we will make it a whole lot less. We not only help with preparing the boats for sale but go to great lengths to teach everyone we sell a boat how to dock their boats, how to run their systems, and overall boat etiquette. Early on in my career, it became apparent that these boat buyers needed help after their purchase. I didn’t think they would stay in boating learning the way that I did, by doing it all wrong before, so I decided, “No one leaves my docks intimidated by their boat,” and then began the lessons. After we get you going, we are still available for questions on any upgrades, etc. I can’t tell you how many times the funds were spent in the wrong direction!! Most of the marketplace just hands you the keys and says here you go, bye now!!

We Work With A Network Of Contacts

Of course, we use all the available book values and the broker’s side of YachtWorld (where we get to see what boats have sold for) and several other industry tools. Then getting it to market is key, so we use a lot of industry “see, touch, feel” kind of methods depending on the boat, such as open houses, boat shows, etc.
When it comes to putting deals together, all I can say is, “If we can’t do it, it can’t be done.” I always dig for the real hold-up on a deal. Many times I have found where the seller is selling to buy a motorhome, and they end up trading somehow or real estate trades, financing, etc. I have done them all!! Our years of experience leave a great understanding of the art of negotiating a boat deal. You might say we’re the brokerage to hire because we’ll find a buyer.

We Will Establish The Value Of Your Boat

We will help you determine the fair market value of your boat so that you can establish a fair asking price. There is a bit of an art in pricing a boat. We know comparable boats and where a specific boat fits in the marketplace. If you are a seller working on your own, improper pricing means fewer qualified buyers will be attracted to your boat and it will likely sit on the market piling up expenses without selling. A realistic price is one of the keys to successfully selling a boat. Anyone can look up asking prices on boats in the marketplace, but it takes someone in the business to accurately assess all the factors that determine the value of a specific boat (e.g., comparable boats that have recently sold in California, condition of the boat, outfitting, location) and to be familiar with selling prices.

We Will Quickly Get Your Boat To Market

We will prepare a complete and accurate listing of the specifications of your boat that will be used to develop the print advertising, electronic advertising, and entry into the multiple listing services (MLS). In a matter of hours, a full description and photographs of your boat can be made available to brokers and buyers around the world, or right next door, with a central contact person—Adair Yachts—available to answer questions, qualify buyers, and arrange showings.
We will help you prepare your boat for sale by evaluating its current condition, advising how to put it in “show” condition, and recommending services specializing in whatever type of repairs or detailing may be necessary to prepare your boat for sale.

We Take Care of All Your Closing Needs

With our in-house titling services and network, we can complete all your closing needs. Be it financing or driving to northern California for notarizing signatures while picking up boat extras, whatever it takes to get the deal done.
We Ensure a Smooth Sea Trial and Haulout
Lining up a successful sea trial and haulout scenario is harder than it looks. It certainly isn’t the day you want to be testing your boat and hoping all goes well. We help with staging, maintenance issues, and whatever else the vessel needs to go to market. Once the vessel is ready to market, we pay special attention to the brokers with “like” vessels for sale and personally deliver full specs while we educate them as to why it’s the best buy for what it represents.

We Provide Ongoing Support

Adair Yachts takes on every customer for life. We know that most of the time, we resell the same boats over and over as people move up through the sizes. One of our major goals is to sell for what you paid for it while maintaining it in its current condition. That is a great position to be in, and in this business, you must have good breeding stock to accomplish that.

We Are Here to Assist You

We are a licensed and bonded brokerage with lots of diversification. Any questions you would like to ask regarding values or opinions about any vessel, whether you’re buying it from Adair Yachts or not, are always welcome. It’s a unique industry like no other, making for lots of grays in any boat purchase. Sometimes it takes hearing it three times the same to decide it’s true. After all, they don’t come with a generic boating manual.

Adair Yachts Will Help Turn Your Dreams Into Reality!